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If you teach or minister to African children and youth, you are very special to us at Every Child Ministries.  You are in our prayers at Every Child Ministries.

Please browse our site.  Here you can find:

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 !  Training Materials for teaching

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This is the site where you can find free educational and training resources for use in your church or in any ministry. Our resources are available in a variety of languages.

If you are of evangelical (Bible-believing) persuasion, and you have written something especially with an African audience in mind, we would love to consider it for inclusion on our website. Please note the following conditions:

* No one is paid for doing this. You are offering your material free in order share it with a wider audience.

* The topic should be one of interest or importance to African Christians.

* Email us the item in Word format.

* Include a "by" line - for example, Ephesians Study by Lorella Rouster.

* Include an English translation.

* All submissions are subject to our approval.

* Our ability to check materials varies with our travel schedule, so please be patient.

Thank you.

May God bless you as you labor to influence the next generation in Africa!


>> That those who minister in Africa may seek answers in the Bible and not in their own wisdom.

>> That those decimating the next generation through wars based on greed may come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

>> That a mighty move of the Spirit of God may take place amongst African youth.

>> That God may bring down the false prophets and give new strength to the true.

>> That God would meet the daily needs of those who feed His children.

>> That slavery and child-trafficking may come to an end.

>> That every African child may have the opportunity to know that Jesus loves him and can restore him to fellowship with his Creator.